Founded in 2010, afarax is your trusted B2B partner specialized in IT consulting and staffing.

Our mission is to identify, attract and place top professionals in positions where they can thrive. We aim to help our consultants and clients succeed by shaping the future of their careers and the growth of their businesses.

Why work with us?

Access to exclusive job opportunities

We work with a wide range of clients. As a candidate, we can give you access to exclusive job opportunities that may not be advertised elsewhere.

Industry knowledge and insights

We have a deep understanding of the IT industry, including the latest trends, technologies and job market conditions.

Career guidance and support

We provide you with career guidance and support, including improving your resume, interview preparation and salary negotiation.

Time-saving and efficient

Job searching can be time-consuming. We do the legwork for you, including identifying suitable job openings, arranging interviews and handling communication with potential clients.

Our values

At afarax, our values define who we are. They are the foundation of our organization. They determine how we act and behave in our daily work. They influence the way we work and interact together, not only as a team but also with our consultants and clients.


Reliability is a crucial aspect of any successful company. We listen, understand and anticipate our partners’ requests and needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations by delivering the best solutions.

Building a strong connection based on honesty and transparency is essential to us.


In order to attract top talents and build strong relationships with our clients and candidates, we prioritize honesty.

This helps us to build trust, leading to stronger and more successful partnerships.


Respect is a key factor of a welcoming working environment, where you feel valued, heard and appreciated for your contributions.

At afarax, we listen to each other at all times, we treat people fairly, we are inclusive and value each other’s opinions andbeliefs.


Efficiency is necessary to succeed in a competitive industry.

At afarax, we have optimised our processes by using tools developed in order to automate time-consuming tasks and to improve the accuracy of our assessments.

Our business sectors

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